Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 52

Week ending October 31

I didn't understand how I just couldn't get back for 3 hours, and I still hadn't eaten. And I couldn't find my shoes.

Don't really want to write everything that happened last night.

Big Screaming Bear Picture.

And is hope a sort of violence too?

This "character" type kept yelling "Don't Play Merle Haggard!"

"Myra" just happened to have a GPS and said get in I'll drive you there.

When you're really suffering you don't ask why, you just survive it.

And I've felt an undercurrent of confusion ever since.

My mother's dream of unused rooms, 13 children with down's syndrome, and lots of cans of tomatoes. "I have never had a dream with Uncle Joyce in it."

"Time is the economy of being."

Everything went wrong in the night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 51

Week ending October 24

One tension replaced by another tension.

Conjuring up emotional states for the sake of a poetics.

All the rest of the night my dreams are consumed with this question.

A skipped page.

Wishing my whole life could be an atmospheric.

A general inquiry when you meant to inquire more specifically.

In the future, speaking in past tense about the present.

The floor is on the walls.

A split second when I could have turned back but I didn't.

Being relieved of hours.

Those who appear in dreams and those who do not.

Eleven minutes to decide.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 50

Week ending October 17

Squash soup, striped bread, and three orange slices.

I walked to another city.

Dreamt a prophetic dream but it was not dreamt by me, and so I can't remember it.

The only healing is healing within the body itself.

Two birds flying in opposite directions.

I felt the hectic energy too much.

Sometimes the rain makes you feel bent out of shape, but it is good for you.

It turned out to be real but I thought I was having a vision until I got up close.


"I'm seeing a whole wall of sugar here."

I have to be brave.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 49

Week ending October 10

Everyone covering their eyes.

The season has changed.

I dreamed I was a seagull and I was teasing the ocean. Dipping down, tapping the water, flying back up. Etc.

Feeling split between cities.

Her advice is it's like nailpolish.

Pretending what I want to be told, I'm being told.

Behind the music or in front of the music around the music inside the music. Following the music.

Why are angels always in doorways?

Saw a pigeon swoop down in BART on the escalator like he's going to take a train too.

Anything could happen at any time but never does.

Every moment of silence I close my eyes.

The wrong situation I have bravery and the right one I don't.

Every chakra wracked in pain.

then she asked anything else blink anything else blink

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 48

Week ending October 3

Every headache is the same headache.

It may have been convoluted on my part.

some sort of reality edging

I have weird abilities.

Everything is beautiful and everything ends.

only the moment in a yogic way can save me

One of those hypersensitive. Oh.

My device is irrelevant.

The pages I've skipped, leaving blank.

"Their lies enough"

Slept hard and fuzzy.

I kept saying to myself, I'll try harder,
and a voice says try less.

Dreamt I was leaving the castle.
It was a nice walk and I was happy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 47

Week ending September 26

John Wieners writing in html.

Everything in an autumn equinox during the autumn equinox.

The moon is having a human being parade.

Agni sara

"hell is not hell"

Now you don't see anything but yourself at night.

The subject is the audience.

Hyperconsciousness a violence.

You know what they say about bending over backwards for people.

"It's a gamble right?"

"Yeah, but it wouldn't matter
because she's dead."

I want to hear hold music.

Every daydream a device.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 46

Week ending September 19

A voice says don't write that!

Pluto's gone straight.

They are doing so through disempowerment.

They will say you are talking too fast.

The consciousness it takes to know what would hurt someone else.

Ate tofu mixed with meat and vegetables.

in the cold Sunset rain, nostalgia for

The window is almost completely shut.

Wide awake at midnight.

Why would you get out of rehab and go to a wedding?

Two matches; Or, things I'm going to burn.

The reason for something is much less interesting than the fact of said something's existence, which tells you everything you need to know.

Maybe the heat will pop it.

I'll never have to go to Walgreens again.

So he created himself in me.

Weight 124, heartbeat 79, blood pressure 100/66, temperature 98.1.

Wish I had an orange.

I woke up at 5:45 AM & I felt like they were watching me & I should just leave.

My suitcase was as light as a feather.

List of Almost Faintings.

Wiener's The Windows